August 17, 2009


My baby is all grown up today. He started school this morning. I can't believe he is old enough to be going to school. People always say how fast time goes but it really is amazing that my little baby boy is old enough to start school now. Granted - it's just 3-year-old preschool but still - that's a big step for us.

Finding a preschool was a mess for us. We have had him signed up at 3 different preschools and one of them he has been signed up for and then withdrawn and now he is back to. I finally got him enrolled on Friday and today he started.

I had a bit of a panic on Saturday because I didn't know school would start so soon and I wasn't ready. We hadn't even gone school shopping. I know it is really stupid but I was really upset that he didn't have a new, cute outfit for his very first day of school. So on Saturday, I loaded Bauer into the car and we went school shopping. He told me "I don't want new clothes. I already have cute clothes." But of course, I made him go. Let me tell you - finding cute clothes for a toddler boy is almost impossible. We went to a million stores looking for something cute for his first day but it seems like everywhere we went, they had a very small selection of clothes in his size and all of them were cheesy or just kind of average clothes that I would want more for just playing out in the yard. I couldn't find anything nice enough to have him wear for his first day of school. After over 4 hours of shopping, we finally found a couple of cute things for him but it is ridiculous how much I had to pay! I paid 3 times as much for a shirt for him as I do fro myself but again - I wanted him to have something cute for his first day so it was worth it to me. Bauer was an absolute angel. He didn't complain once during the whole thing. We would go and shop and he would stay close to me and do exactly what I asked him to and when we didn't find anything I would ask if we could go to another store and he would say "sure."

This morning I heard Bauer wake up and I went into his room to get him. He was laying on the bed and I went over and gave him a hug and asked if he knew what today was. "It's your first day of school today." He said "How old am I?" Me:"3" Bauer: "Why do I always have to be 3?" I guess he was having second thoughts about going. But we had some breakfast, took a bath, brushed his teeth, got him dressed, and went to take pictures. Of course I took a million. That's what I do. I can't help it. Bauer was really good though. He stood where I asked him to and looked where I said to look and smiled when I asked. What a sweet boy.

We had to go a little early since we had just signed him up over the phone. I needed to get all the paperwork to fill out for him and they wanted to show us around the school and tell us what to expect. Bauer was really shy. I knew he would be. He usually is when he doesn't know people. But he did well.

After we picked up Bauer, I asked him about how his first day of school was. He didn't really have much to say so I kept asking questions, hoping that something would spark his interest and he would want to tell me all about it. No such luck. I went through his folder and asked him about everything he brought home and what he did with each of them. He finally said "why do you keep asking me all of these things?!" So that was about the end of the discussion.


Bryan, Jaime, and Boys said...

I have to say this made me cry a little. Shaden starts preschool in October and I'm not sure I'm ready! He's thrilled... I'm excited for a break... but it's pullin at my heartstrings. Bauer is so cute, Katie! Those pics are darling and the outfit is perfect! So scary about Brian! Oh my gosh! I hope everything is okay now! :)

Momberger said...

Those pictures are so good sis! You little picture taking, photoshop pro you!!!!