August 14, 2009


Things have been pretty crazy around here lately so I have a little catching up to do on the blog so here it is:
24th of July
Our 24th of July party was kind of our last Hoorah with Ben & Tessa's family. My mom, Ange, Collin, Bauer and I went miniature golfing in the morning while Brian was "real" golfing. The whole family got together that evening for a BBQ and some fireworks. The first firework we did was smoke bombs which we let the kids take turns lighting and then we did the kind of firework that shoots out the little parachute guys. The kids loved chasing them. It was so funny to watch. The wind kept blowing them over the fence though so it kind of ruined the fun. So we started shooting them off in the front yard and having the kids catch them in the backyard. The wind would blow them over the house and even a few of them still went over the fence in the back yard. It was an emotional day for all of us. It was really hard to know that it was our last family party for a while as a whole family. We will miss them so much.

Ben & Tessa Leave
On the 25th, Granny Bliss had her annual party to celebrate Grandpa Bliss. All of my cousins on the Bliss side were there and it was great to see everyone but we were all pretty upset about Ben & Tessa leaving the next day. At the end of the party, we all gave our teary goodbyes and headed home. Ben & Tessa left early the next morning. They made it to North Carolina safely and everything went well except that they didn't have anything to sleep with or eat that day. Since then, though, they have settled in and seem to really love their new home.
Swim Lessons
I already posted a little on this but Bauer started swimming lessons on the 27th. It was a two week course but we only made it to the first week (the second week was spent in the hospital). Bauer was not so sure at first but each day he did better and better and now he even practices holding his breath under water when he is in the bath tub. We need to get him in lessons again when we get the chance to but this was a good start.

Bear Lake
So Bear Lake didn't quite go well for us this year. Bauer and I drove up with Brian's family on Friday night and had a great time. We went to the beach, went swimming, and played a lot of dominoes. Saturday night Brian came up to meet us. He got there at about midnight and we went to bed. Then 5:30 the next morning was when Brian collapsed and we rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. We left Bauer up in Bear Lake with the rest of the family because we didn't want him to see Brian like that. He ended up staying the week in Bear Lake and had a great time. He got to go tubing, swimming, miniature golfing, went to the beach, did a pinata, and played lots of games. Thanks to everyone who took such great care of our sweet boy up in Bear Lake while we were in the hospital.

Out of the Hospital
We have been out of the hospital for a few days now and things seem to be going well. Brian seems to be healing and slowly getting his strength back. It is so nice to see him finally have moments without pain. His whole summer has been spent in horrible pain and having that fixed is such a relief. He still has some pain every now and then but nothing like he did before. He had blood work done yesterday and we are waiting to hear back about the results. Hopefully his count will still be up and we will have nothing to worry about.

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Momberger said...

I just bawled at work throughout that whole post. I can't wait to see Ben & the troops next week. We'll Skype you!