October 26, 2009


Yesterday morning, in preparation for the annual Anderson Haunted Garage pumpkin carving party, Bauer and I cleaned out the pumpkins that we picked out last week. Brian cut the tops off and then Bauer and I cleaned all of the seeds and crap out. Bauer wiped the outsides off with a rag and then I started in on the guts. Bauer was very intrigued but then when he touched it, he decided that maybe he didn't want to help because it made him dirty. So he watched a Halloween movie and sat by me while I cleaned them out. Cute little stinker.

That night we went to Rick's house and had some yummy soup and carved our pumpkins. Bauer asked Jared to help him with his pumpkin so they picked out a pattern and started in on his pumpkin. Heidi had brought Bauer a pumpkin to do too and had even cleaned it out for him and brought him cute little colored pegs for him to hammer into it. Bauer and Jared used the pegs on their pumpkin and Marti started carving the pumpkin Heidi had given Bauer and then Heidi ended up finishing it. After Jared finished with Bauer, he went home and Bauer came over by me and hammered some pegs into my pumpkin. I let him poke holes in it and play around too. He loved it. It was so cute to watch him. Then, at the end of the night, Suzzi gave her decorated pumpkin to Bauer too. So he ended up with 4 pumpkins! Brian took a pumpkin that I had painted white and carved it into Jack Skellington. I was surprised that nobody knew who he was. Seriously! Does nobody watch Nightmare Before Christmas?!?

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