October 26, 2009


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and I think that is because of my mom. She has always loved Halloween and every year she has a spooky dinner and Halloween party for the family. We eat worms with blood sauce and eyeballs (spaghetti with marinara and meatballs with green olives), bones (bread sticks shaped like bones), and some kind of a spooky dessert. Usually Tessa makes us worms in dirt (chocolate pudding with crushed up oreos and gummy worms on top) but with Tessa in North Carolina, my mom was on her own for dessert. She made the cutest little ghost cupcakes this year.
After our spooky dinner, we got to go talk to Ben & Tessa's family on the computer. They have a web cam so we can see each other while we talk. After our call with them, we did our Halloween crafts. The kids each made a picture frame, mask, and doorknob hanger and the girls (the adult girls) made frames. The kids actually had a really good time with it. Even the older boys.

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