November 18, 2009


Brian's parents have a timeshare and have a couple of weeks saved up that were going to be lost if they weren't used by the end of the year so they let Brian and me use one wherever we wanted. There were lots of fun places we could have gone but we decided to make it a lower budget trip and drive to San Diego with Matt & Angela. Originally, the boys were planning on golfing quite a bit but they ended up only going once but they got to play Torrey Pines, a course that Brian has wanted to play for a long time. Angela and I decided to bring Bauer and tag along on the course and just take pictures while the boys played. It was a beautiful course and was gorgeous with the beach behind it at sunset. They played the twilight so they only ended up making it through 13 holes but they had a great time. Check out this gorgeous HDR picture Matt took of the course. It's my favorite.

Now, it's no secret that I love Disneyland. And it just didn't feel right to be going to California and not go to Disneyland. The boys weren't so thrilled about going but Matt's friend was able to get us into Club 33 so they agreed to go. Club 33 is a private club within Disneyland that Walt created to entertain dignitaries. It's hidden in the corner of New Orleans Square and is marked by a "33" on the side of the door. The only way to get in is to have a reservation (which can only be made by members) and at your reservation time, you ring a bell in the door and they let you in. A Club 33 worker opens the door for you, takes your coats and bags, and lets them know at the restaurant that you are there. While we were being checked in, a lady tried to come in and see what it was all about. The worker bolted to the door and almost pushed the lady out the door while explaining that it was a private club and she could not be there. "Can I just come in and see what the restaurant looks like?" Nope! Not happening. It's a totally secretive thing and members (or guests in our case) are treated almost like royalty. The restaurant inside is a 5-star restaurant and was absolutely wonderful. They have a buffet of salads, meat and cheese, sea food, and dessert, and then you order a main dish of either chicken, steak, or a couple of different fish dishes. Brian and I got Fillet Mignon and Matt and Angela got chicken and both were awesome! Bauer got his own kids menu and ordered mac & cheese and the noodles were shaped like Mickey. So cute (and also really yummy). When you pay for a meal at Club 33, you also get a day pass to Disneyland and California Adventure so we got to go to Disneyland for the day. It made me realize just how short of time a day is at Disneyland. We got to do all of the big rides (thanks to parent passes) but there was a lot we didn't get to do. But we had so much fun and I was so glad we got to go (thanks boys!). Plus, lunch at Club 33 was amazing.

Other than golf and Disneyland, we didn't really do anything huge. We hung out at the beach, went out to eat, and did a little sight-seeing. Oh, and family pictures. I know - I'm out of control. But this was actually Brian's idea. We haven't had family pictures taken for over a year now which is a really long time for us so we were due. Plus, I like to have a family picture to create Christmas cards so I wanted to do them anyways. The first night we went to the beach and watched the sunset, Brian said "we should have brought clothes to take family pictures here." We ended up buying a shirt for the boys (they needed new white dress shirts anyways) and I already had a white one packed. I'm sure that's not how Matt & Angela planned on spending their last night in San Diego but they were good sports. After pictures, we stopped at the San Diego temple to take some pictures of it. For anyone that hasn't seen that one, you should make it a point to because it is absolutely gorgeous!
So that was our trip. Tons of fun and I'm so glad we got to go.

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