November 21, 2009


My first post about vacation was kind of rushed and was more of a travel log than anything else so here are all of the fun thoughts and stories I wanted to remember.

Since we were in the money-saving mode for this trip, we decided to drive instead of flying. Definitely not as easy and convenient but it actually wasn't too bad. I was especially impressed with how well Bauer did. It's hard for a kid his age to sit still for even a couple of seconds, let alone 10 hours. And yeah, he got restless and by the end of the drive was more than ready to get out of the car but he really did so well. On the way to California, Bauer was talking to Matt & Ange about what sounds animals make. Bauer would say "what animal makes this sound...moo?" And then Matt & Angela had to answer. He went through a few of the usuals and then said "what animal makes this sound...'I have a long neck'?" (giraffe). We laughed so hard. Cute little stinker. Then we got just over the hill to where you could see all the lights of Las Vegas and it was dark outside so you could see millions of lights all over. Bauer's face lit up and he said "I can see the whole world down there."

The first night we arrived in San Diego, we settled into our rooms at the condo and Bauer picked where he wanted to sleep. Any guesses where that was? Yeah, that's the closet. That was his choice. And the funniest part of it was that he slept there every night. I thought that it would just be a novelty and that after the first night he would be done. Nope. Every night he stayed there.

And then there was Disneyland (or Disnleyland as Bauer calls it). That's always a fun day but at the same time, it's always exhausting. Especially when you only have one day there so you feel like you have to cram everything in. But I thought we worked it out pretty well. Sure, we rushed from place to place, but we did most of the things we wanted to and had our incredible lunch at Club 33 and Bauer was a trooper the whole day. He never complained about not being able to go on rides, he didn't throw tantrums, and he didn't ask us to buy him anything.

Torrey Pines was a fun experience. It's one of those courses that a true golfer really needs to play so I was glad that Brian got a chance to. It was really pretty along the ocean at sunset.

We love the beach. I am sure most people do. It's just so pretty and relaxing. Bauer of course hated getting sand all over him though. The poor kid is just too particular. But he had such a great time there. The first time we went, we all took our swimsuits in case we wanted to get in the ocean. Once we got there and felt how cold the air was, we decided not to but Bauer, of course, wanted to get in. So we put his suit on and he ran and played in the water and found sea shells. Every time he found one his eyes would light up and he would get so excited but after finding the first 10 or so, I started telling him that we couldn't keep all the ones he found. I told him to only keep the ones that weren't broken which turned out to be a really good idea because there really weren't many. Matt found him a couple of sand dollars too so that was cool. Oh yeah, so funny...while we were waiting for the tee time at Torrey Pines, Ange and I took Bauer to the beach to hang out for a while. We took our shoes off at the car and just left them there. We got about two steps into the sand and Bauer said "but what are we gonna do about my pants?" Oh Bauer.

And speaking of the beach, here are our family pictures there...

Okay, so the San Diego Temple is absolutely gorgeous! It is my new favorite temple. I love the spires and the detail in the windows and just the overall look of it.

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