December 8, 2009


Our first Christmas party this year was our ward Christmas party on the 4th. We had a yummy dinner and then Santa came to see the kids. Bauer couldn't think of anything to tell Santa that he wants though. It's so weird. We have been asking and asking what he wants for Christmas and he never can think of anything. We finally started taking him to stores and walking through the toy isles to see what he liked. The problem there is that he will just walk down the isle and say "I want one of these, and one of these, and one of these..." and point out pretty much everything on the isle. Darn kids.

So in other news...I have been a slacker and haven't written forever so here is what has been going on in our world:
Jared got married on the 25th. Congratulations Jared and Marti! So now we have a new sister-in-law, niece, and nephew.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as always. This year was the Williams' year so we went to Uncle Brent & Aunt Delores's house for dinner. It was wonderful and we had a great time with family. We are so lucky to have such wonderful family that love and support us so much.
The day after Thanksgiving we put our Christmas decorations up. Brian was really sick so he slept while Bauer and I decorated. Bauer got his own tree in his room this year and was really excited about it. He even decorated the whole thing by himself. I showed him where I thought a couple of the decorations should go so he wouldn't put them all in one spot but he did the whole thing and it looks great.
A few days later, Suzzi came over to help me decorate our front porch. She always does such cute decorations and I just don't come up with stuff like that so luckily she is nice enough to help me. Lorna ended up having to come help us too which we really appreciated so we wouldn't have to keep climbing up and down from the laddars. Thanks goodness for wonderful family! Thanks guys.
Ben and Tessa found out that they are having a baby girl. Congratulations guys! I'm so excited for our sweet Malia!
Oh, and here is another picture of the Ward Christmas Party. I thought it was so cute of Bauer and Pais.

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