March 20, 2010


I know...Disneyland again. But hey, we love it! Gayle and Lorna took the family and the Bangerter kids for a trip last week. Everyone except Brian, Macey, and I left last Thursday morning and went to Sea World and then drove to Anaheim. Brian and I flew in Friday night and met everyone at Disneyland and we spent the next 5 days there. We had tons of fun! Bauer was a little bit too short to ride most of the rides so Lorna bought him a pair of tall shoes and then brough gauze pads to stuff the heels with. We had to stuff them so high that he could hardly get his feet into them but it made him tall enough to go on most of the rides so it was worth it. He got to go on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Soarin' Over California, and the Tower of Terror. It was so much fun to be able to take him on all of the "big kid rides" and he absolutely LOVED them all. He was so cute.

Bauer never had to worry about having a partner to ride with because everyone wanted to be his partner. All of the kids were so cute with him. They played with him and took care of him and pushed his stroller and made sure he was always happy.

We all had such a great time and absolutely loved the trip. Thanks Gayle & Lorna!

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The Bliss Family said...

"I don want to go to Disneywaaaand!"