April 13, 2010


Check out the cutest little baseball player ever! Okay, I know - I'm biased. But still, I think he's pretty dang cute. Bauer decided to try baseball this year instead of soccer and he had his first game last night. Luckily I took some pictures of him before we left because just before gametime, it started to sprinkle. The coaches got together and decided that it was just a little sprinkle and would be fine to play the game. So we got the boys all out on the field and started to play and then, of course, it started pouring rain. Our boys were really good sports about it even though they were cold and wet. They are a pretty good little team. I can't wait to see how well they do when the weather cooperates.

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Momberger said...

Sorry we left early. Collin wasn't really having the best time hanging out in the car. At least we saw Bauer hit and what a hit he had!! Givem it was off the tee but it was an awesome hit!! Way to go Bauer!!