April 11, 2010


Our Easter fun this year started the Tuesday before Easter when Bauer was out of school for Spring Break. He had missed some school just before that and his teacher had sent home some work. One of the pages had 8 Easter eggs and he was supposed to draw lines between the matching pairs. After he matched them up, I suggested we color the eggs and then cut them out to make cards for his grandparents. I didn't take pictures of the cards but they turned out really cute.

On Friday I had the day off work for Good Friday and we got to watch Collin while Rae was at work. The boys wanted to color so I looked up some Easter coloring and activity pages for them and we made them each a coloring book. They got to design their own covers and then we just tied them together with some yarn. We also found a cute pattern to make little bunny masks so the boys colored thier masks, and then I helped them cut them out, glue on the whiskers and noses, and put them all together. They thought those were pretty cool and Collin especially liked it because he thought it was funny to put his glasses on over his mask so his Easter Bunny was wearing glasses.
On Saturday we watched conference and then Brian, Bauer, and I colored some eggs. It was actually lots of fun which is funny because I usually don't really care much about coloring eggs. We bought a tie-dying kit and Bauer loved picking different colors to use. He did about a dozen eggs on his own and then got tired.
That night we got our Easter baskets out and ready for the Easter Bunny to find. Bauer picked the baskets for each of us and set them out on the couch. Bauer loves his froggy basket.
Sunday morning we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had come, filled or baskets, and hidden them. Bauer found all of our baskets for us. His basket was really small so the Easter Bunny had to put his things into 2 baskets. He thought that was pretty funny. This year the Easter Bunny knew that we were trying to eat healthier so he didn't bring many treats. He brought a couple of our favorite treats and then just brought a couple of toys. When Bauer grabbed his sticker book, his eyes lit up and he said "Oh, just what I wanted." Cute little stinker. We had a nice, relaxing day of hanging out in our PJs, watching conference, and taking naps.

That afternoon, we headed over to Gayle and Lorna's house for the family Easter party. The kids started by doing their "egg" hunt. I put the egg in quotations because there really aren't many eggs in the hunt it's more of a "stuff" hunt, with toys and bubbles and balls and all kids of things. Then we had a yummy hamburger and hot dog dinner and just hung out and the adults talked while the kids (and Brian, Jared, and Suzzi) played out on the golf course with their new toys. It was a great night. We had lots of fun and Bauer got tons of yummy treats and fun toys.

This year my parents were in North Carolina for Easter to see Ben and Tessa and their brand new baby Malia so we had our Easter party with them the Sunday after. We had a nice dinner and then the kids did their egg hunt. Matt and Tia came over to help my dad hide the eggs and they did a great job. The kids had a hard time finidng them all. They had a blast trying to though. Bauer was funny. Every time he would pick up an egg, he would have to dust it off before he could put it into his basket. I love my little Mr. Clean.

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