April 5, 2010


I apologize for posting stories like this but I have used this blog as my journal and this is one of the stories that as a mom, I want to remember.

Today when Bauer was supposed to take his nap, he walked in and laid down in his bed and then told me that he was hungry. He does that sometimes and I don't know if he is stalling or if he really is hungry. This time I thought he probably really was hungry so I told him that he could have some fruit. He told me that I could just bring a bowl into his bed and lay it next to him and he would eat it when he wanted to. Silly boy. You can't have food in your bed! So I made him come out to the kitchen and eat his fruit. As soon as the fruti was gone, without a word, he marched himself right to bed and laid back down. I went in to make sure that he really had gone to bed and give him a kiss. As I was leaving he said "Mommy, could you do just one thing for me?"
"Could you come over here and snuggle me for just a minute? Not for a long time. Just for a little bit." Well, how could you resist that? So I laid down next to him and put my arms around him. He laid there for a minute and then sat up, pulled his blanket off and spread it out over both of us. He said "here. Put your hands in like this and it will make you warm." Then he pulled the blanket over both of our heads and put his little nose next to mine and whispered "let's just hide for a minute" and gave me that sweet, angelic grin. We talked for a minute and then he turned over and got comfortable and ready to sleep. When he found his comfortable spot, he turned over to me and kissed my cheek and then turned back. He laid there for just a minute and then turned back and kissed my nose. And then he turned back over and went to sleep. It was such a sweet, wonderful moment for me. One of the moments that I want to remember forever. What a sweet, sweet boy. I sure love you my angel!


Momberger said...

I am realizing that I cannot read your or Tessa's blogs while I am at work because I bawl all over myself.

BreeAnn said...

aw I think that is so cute. Sometimes when I am rocking Karson to sleep for no reason he will reach his head up and give me a kiss smack on the lips, then 1 minute later he will do te same thing. I love it.