May 8, 2010


Bauer cried today because Brian was spraying the dandilions. You see, Bauer, like most kids, likes to pick dandilions and bring them to me. Of course I love it when he does becuase I think it's so sweet. And so he loves it. He always says "does that make you happy Mommy?" It has become a special thing to both of us. So today Brian sprayed the dandilions and Bauer asked what he was doing. When he told him that he was killing them, Bauer got really upset. He told him not to becuase then how would he pick them to give them to me? He kept telling Brian "Mommy loves them." Brian sent him in to talk to me so I could explain that although I love to get dandilions from him, I don't like to have them in my yard. It was a tough sell. He just wasn't having it. He just wanted to have them to pick for me. What a sweet boy.

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