December 7, 2010


A long time ago when I was a little girl, my mom used to go all out on decorating for holidays and was always know for wearing festive shirts, earrings, and socks. Now I have adopted that in my family. I love to do festive things and I love to celebrate the holidays with Brian and Bauer. One thing that Bauer and I love to do together is crafts so on Sunday, we got out our supplies and did some Christmas crafts. We started by making a Christmas tree out of handprints. I thought Bauer would love putting the paint on his hands but he really wasn't very impressed by it so after humoring me and finishing the tree, I let him paint his own tree. He painted one red and one green tree, each for one of his grandmas. Then we looked online for some other crafts and he chose to make the Rudolph out of a paper bag and then even wanted to do the handprint Rudolph which I think is my favorite. Bauer is a little artist. He loves to draw and create and really does well with it. I am so impressed! Especially because I am about the least artistic person in the world. Anyways, these are the crafts my sweet Bauer did.

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