December 7, 2010


We finally finished our decorating. The outdoor lights were up a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, the indoor decorations were up the day after Thanksgiving, and now we have completed the decorations with our porch ornaments. Suzzi came up with this idea last year and came to help us get it put back up this year.

Oh...and then there's this decoration:

So for those of you that don't know about our little manger scene, here is the story: Brian's cousin always decorates for Halloween with a bail of hay and then keeps it up for Thanksgiving too but then has a tendency to just leave it out. Well, Brian's sisters have joked for years about buying a baby Jesus to put on the hay as a joke. So last year Suzzi did one better and bought an entire inflatable manger scene. She and Brian came up with a poem and everything to go along with it and decided to have it be a traveling decoration. So each person keeps it at their house for two nights and then takes it to another family member on the third night.


Brittany said...

Oh I love those ornaments! You are so festive, and such a fun mom with Bauer making all those pictures. :)

sweet nectar sara said...

the porch ornaments are a super cute idea :)