December 6, 2010


Nope, not a Wise Man this time. It's Joseph! Our ward party was on Friday and it was really neat. It was "Finding Christ in Christmas" and everyone was split up into 5 groups that went around to different rooms to meet and hear stories about Christ from different characters. Brian was asked to be Joseph and I was Mary and then there were shepherds, wise men, and I believe an angel. After the "scavenger hunt" we all met to have dinner and then Santa came to visit the kids. It was a lot of fun and a really cool way to remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate. I had a really cool experience being Mary too. As I sat and spoke about Jesus and how he loved little children, I saw the children in the room the way that He would have. It brought tears to my eyes to see their sweet, innocent faces as they listend to me speak about our Savior.

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