March 1, 2011


Not long ago I almost posted about how bad it sucks to be a mom. It's hard work. And it's a thankless job really. You work your butt off trying to make sure they become independent, responsible, grateful, clean, smart, etc. You have the pressure of making sure that your child succeeds in life and becomes a good person. That's hard work. And quite frankly it sucks having to discipline. It sucks making them go to bed at night when they say "can't we just snuggle?" It sucks making them take a nap because what you really want to do is go outside and play ball with them. It sucks trying to keep yourself from spoiling the crap out of them because you know it will make them ungrateful. I want to be the one that never has to say no. The one who can do everything for them and not have to worry about how it's going to affect their future by making them lazy or inept. BUT...there is not a more wonderful thing in the world than being a parent. There is nothing more wonderful than driving to the store and having your little boy say "hey Mom...I love you." There is nothing sweeter than him hugging me when I'm having a bad day and telling me not to be sad. There is nothing more fun than spending the day with my sweet boy and being able to laugh and smile and play. Yesterday was one of those wonderful days that make you forget all of the screming and crying and back-talking. There was nothing huge and earth-shattering about yesterday. We just went about our normal routine. But Bauer was in the sweetest mood and didn't whine and complain when it was nap time and he did everything I asked and played nicely and gave lots of hugs. He asked to help me make pasta, which is what the picture is from and wanted to do everything himself. He did a great job cracking the eggs and out of 5, he only got one shell in. Then the flour...he was so cute and so precise. You know how Bauer is...everything has to be perfect. He got a knife and would run it along the top of the measuring cup to make sure the line was straight. And then if he accidentally dipped a little in, he would grab a pinch of flour in his fingers and sprinkle it on the top and then swoop with the knife again. It took quite a bit longer than usual but we sure had a great time.

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Momberger said...

I'm not sure why but EVERY time I read your blog I cry. I'm a baby, I know, but HOLY CRAP I MISS YOU GUYS! He is so handsome and getting so big. I want to come home and see everyone. Maybe someday!