March 1, 2011


How do you know when your baby is getting old?...

* He has "Beiber Fever"
* You register him for Kindergarten.
* He uses words like 'actually' and 'seriously'.
* He has friends calling and coming over to play.
* He can get his own drinks.
* He ties his own shoes.
* He sings Justin Beiber songs while playing his DS and knows all the words.
* He reads Dr. Seuss books.
* He writes names on his own Valentines.

Just a couple funny stories...

* When watching a basketball game the other day he said "which team is West Virginia?" We asked how he knew West Virginia was playing and he walked up to the TV and said see..."West" and pointed to where it said West on the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen, "Virginia" and pointed to Virginia.

* Landon came over to play the other day and Bauer wanted to read to him. So he took Landon into his room and got out Go Dog Go. Then he told Landon that he would teach him how to read. Landon wasn't intersted but Bauer insisted that it would be totally awesome if he learned because then he could take Go Dog Go to school and read it to his friends and they would all think he was really cool. Landon said "I'll learn later. Like maybe when I'm 10."

* Bauer woke up the other morning and Brian was still asleep so Bauer got a movie turned on in his room by himself. When Brian got up, he asked Bauer how he knew how to turn it on. He said "'s the one with circle around it."

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Momberger said...

Your kid is old! But MAN is he adorable!