May 31, 2011

NYC - Day 2

Saturday morning we took the subway (Bauer's favorite part of NY) to Battery Park with the intention of going to the Statue of Liberty. It's so cool because they opened up the crown so you could go all the way up. What we didn't know, however, was that you have to have a special ticket to do that and they are already sold out through September. "Once again information that would have been useful YESTERDAY!". So we stood on the dock and took a picture of Brian and Bauer in front of the statue. Close enough right. There is a cool statue of an eagle in the park that I was taking a picture of and Bauer thought it was funny to say "take a picture of me with it Mommy" and then run around it, hiding, so I couldn't get him in the picture. Well, those of you that know Bauer well know how graceful he is and in true Bauer style, he took off running without looking and slammed his head right into the corner of the base. That's what you get for not letting me take your picture. KIDDING! I'm really not that heartless.
Then we walked down to Wall Street, stopping at the famous bull statue to take a picture. Now this was a picture that Bauer actually really wanted to take because Bauer LOOOOVES bulls. Ya, you should see the chaos of everyone standing around the bull to get a picture. Bauer of course wanted to sit on the horn for his picture so when it was our turn I lifted him up there and Brian took a picture of the two if us and then I stepped out of the way so we could have a picture of just Bauer. As you can see, the lady behind me appearantly had to have her picture taken RIGHT THEN and jumped right in. Wowza people!

Next stop: the New York Stock Exchange. It was really cool for me to see but Bauer only cared about the bulldog that some random person was walking and had his picture taken with the dog instead of the NYSE. Next on our tour of the city was Ground Zero and the 9/11 Tribute Museum. The museum was not set up very well. You basically walked down a hall full of pillars that had quotes and information on each side and the same on the outer walls. But the problem was that there was no flow to it so it was just chaos of people walking all over randomly to each pillar. It brought tears to my eyes to hear the stories of the people that suffered through these tragic events.

Our final stop Saturday was Canal Street. When Brian and I first started dating, he and his family went on a vacation to New York and the thing I heard most about was Canal Street so that was a must-do for us. I was very disappointed. We didn't even buy anything. We did, however have some really good food in Chinatown while we were there. So at least that made it worth the trip.


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