November 12, 2011

After our adventures in Disneyland we headed on to part two of our trip: San Francisco. Our first day there we all settled into the house and rested up a little bit from our late night and early morning and then headed out to watch the Utes play. Let's just say the game didn't go quite so well as we had hoped but we still had a great time and lots of laughs. Especially at the grumpy lady behind us that screamed and was obnoxious every time Utah had the ball.

The next day was the day that everyone had been waiting for the whole vacation: the Go Cars. Earlier this year, Lorna, Suzzi, and Heidi took a trip to San Francisco and told us all about these awesome Go Cars that they rented and explored the city in. They really were cool. We had so much fun in them. Each car had a navigation in it that would tell you where to turn and would teach you about the city. There were tons of interesting facts and cool places to see. We spent the entire day in them and still felt like we didn't have enough time. Such a blast!

Unfortunately our flight was early enough that we didn't really have much time to do anything the next day before we left so we just went and explored the wharf and did a little last-minute souvenir shopping and then it was time to head out. We all had such a wonderful vacation.

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