November 21, 2011


I can't believe that after over a year of planning, our DisneyWorld vacation is already over. It seems like it came and went so fast. We had a 7-day pass so I won't bore you with the "day one we went to... day two we did..." instead I will just give some of our favorite highlights.

* Mae-Mae, Mo-Mo, and Doh-doh. (Grandpa's names for Bella, Malia, and himself)

* "This is my favowite paht!"

* "Wah-Der":

* All the cousins being able to spend time together:

* Stopping at every store and with every cast member to either buy or trade pins.

* Exhaustion:

* Sad faces:

* Bella thinking Indiana Jones was her dad and being afraid that the boulder was going to crush him:

* Everyone loves pictures:

* Swimming:

* Checking maps:

* Bauer's joke being told at the Monster's Inc. show:

* Searching everywhere for cream cheese pretzels.

* "I can't sit by those girls anymore! They just keep buggin' and buggin' and buggin'!"

* "And you are the deckhand. You will be scrubbing the deck." Scrubbing, scrubbing... "Oh no. You're under fire!" Scrubbing, scrubbing... "You better warn the crew!" Scrubbing, scrubbing... "Look up. Point to the sky. A helicopter is coming to attack!" Scrubbing, scrubbing...

* Collin's love for the nerd pins.

* Buddy's keychain getting stuck between his teeth.

* Nolan and his Puffles:

* Bauer's obsession with Stitch:

* Bella and her "suckas". "Daddy, I need anotha sucka.":

* "Tidder":


Momberger said...

I am so sad we had to miss that trip! I miss everyone so much. I bawled looking at the pictures. Dang it hammer!

The Bliss Family said...

Can we all go back now?