November 28, 2011


Years ago when we started trying to have another baby, we asked Bauer what we should name it. Banana. That was his answer. And for years he hasn't changed his mind. He has insisted that if the baby were a boy he would be named Banana and if it were a girl, she would be Blueberry. I am 19 weeks along now and since we didn't know if we would be having a Banana or a Blueberry, we put the two together and named it Smoothie until we did know. But the wait is now over.

Brian was sure it was a boy.

Bauer was hoping for a boy but was sure it was a girl.

And me? I honestly hadn't had a feeling either way. Which we know doesn't really matter anyways because Brian and I both would have bet on our lives that Bauer was a girl.

So which is it?

I will let Bauer tell you...


Lindsey Hill said...

congrats guys!!!!! that is exciting news!!!!!

Momberger said...

Why is it I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I read your blog??

sweet nectar sara said...

congrats!! i love having boys :) and I'm sure bauer will be an awesome big brother :)