November 27, 2011


Our Thanksgiving tradition growing up was for to make pies with my mom while we watched the Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I have missed making pies with my mama so this year I started the tradition with Bauer. He was such a good helper and we had a great time making our pies and watching parades.

Then, the day after Thanksgiving is always our day to put up Christmas decorations and this year was no exception. (Except that we weren't able to finish it all that day because we went to the Utah football game. Brrrrr). But we are officially decorated now, complete with Bauer's own tree.

The heart ornament that says 'Love' is his favorite. He said that it was for me because it meant that he loves me and he surrounded it by green ornaments because green is my favorite color. What a sweet little stinker!

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