June 6, 2008


I can't believe my sweet little baby is already 2. It has gone by so fast. He is so grown up now. In the past year he has changed a lot. He has only gained about 5 lbs (he's up to 25 now), but he is getting much taller (he made it to the 50th percentile). The biggest change over the last year is his speach. He can pretty much say anything he wants now and speaks in complete sentances. He asks for random things like cereal at 9:30 at night or wanting to go to the zoo to eat lunch but it sure is nice to know what he is asking for.

Bauer's Favorites:
Color: Yellow. I think he just likes how the word sounds.
Animal: Giraffe but he has also started to love lions.
Sport: Golf. Since he could walk, everything he picks up has become a golf club. He has a great swing and got his first set of real golf clubs for his birthday. We keep them in the garage and every time we go into the garage he asks for them.
Food: Fruit. He will choose fruit over almost anything. One day we were going somewhere and he wanted a snack so he asked for some apple sauce. I didn't want apple sauce all over my car so I gave him a Rice Krispie Treat. He yelled at me the whole way because he didn't want that dang treat, he wanted apple sauce.
Movie: Lion King.
Game: "'e Shoots 'e Cores" (He shoots, he scores - basketball)
Other things Bauer loves: He loves to watch movies. He loves almost all of my Disney movies and will get stuck on one and watch it over and over all day long. Outside. From the time he wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed at night, he asks to go outside. But the catch is that you have to go with him. He doesn't like to go by himself.
Sleepovers. He is on a sleepover kick lately and he is always saying "I want (name) sleep over at my house."

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Momberger said...

I sure do love this lil guy! He is such a sweet boy! I wish I could have given him a big love on his birthday! I bet he had a much better time in Costa Rica though. WE LOVE YOU BAUER!