March 16, 2009


Monday was Tessa's birthday. Happy Birthday Tessa! She and Ben celebrated that night and the next morning so I watched their kids. We had a great time! Monday night the kids played with Bauer's toys and then we had some pizza for dinner. They were all a mess after eating so we took a bath. Yeah, that's right - all 4 of them in the bath together. They had a blast. While they were in the bath a leprechaun came and left us golden treats. After eating all they could stuff in their faces, we watched a movie and then went to bed. The next morning was St. Patrick's Day so we made sure everyone had their green on. Our playgroup had a fun party at Paislee's house that the kids got to come to. We had green pancakes and green milk and then we made crafts, played games, and searched for leprechaun gold. Paislee had put a trap out the night before to try and catch a leprechaun but the leprechaun messed up their house and hid pots of gold for each of the kids. It was really cute.

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Momberger said...

I tell you what, you are the cutest Mom and Aunt ever! I love you sister. You are amazing.