June 5, 2009


Over a month ago we went to a birthday party for Bauer's best friend, Paislee. When we got into the car after her party Bauer said "I want a red cake like Spiderman for my birthday." We kind of just laughed it off but apparently he wasn't kidding. Anytime anyone would ask what he wanted for his birthday, he would say "a Spiderman guy and a red cake." Well, we did a Spiderman party for his first birthday and lately Wolverine has been Bauer's favorite superhero so we decided to do a superhero party. We got Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, and Iron Man plates, Spiderman napkins, and Superhero treats. I took Bauer to Albertson's to pick his cake and he went through about 7 different cakes before deciding on the one with baby superheros on it. And the funny part is that Spiderman wasn't even one of them!

The party was lots of fun. We had our annual barbecue and then opened presents before ice cream and cake. Bauer was spoiled, as always.

He got so many wonderful gifts from so many people that love him. He did much better with opening them this time. He would open it and then stand up to show everyone before opening another one. It was pretty cute. And of course he wanted to stop and play with his new toy every time he opened one but he was good to keep opening. The other great part of this year's party was that Bauer wasn't throwing up. That is a first for us. He has thrown up at his party the last two years. He was loving the cake too.

Before anyone got a chance to eat it, he started licking the frosting off.

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