August 3, 2011


My baby is officially grown up and going to school. I can't believe it. That darn kid. Why couldn't he just stay little and stay at home with me forever? He sure is excited though which is great.

Brian was out of town the day Bauer started school and felt bad he couldn't be there so he sent Bauer a cute fruit bouquet. Bauer was so excited about his "mail." And it was so perfect for him because Bauer loves fruit more than probably anyone I've ever met. He said to me "they look so tasty, you just wanna put the whole thing in your mouth right when you get it."

Of course we had to take pictures of Bauer with the bouquet and then I let him eat a few pieces of fruit and then it was off to bed. He's struggling quite a bit with the whole going to bed early thing. "But mom. It's not even dark yet." That first night I left a little poem on his bed that talks about how it's hard to sleep the night before school starts because you are so anxious and excited but I made some magic confetti and if he put it under his pillow, it would help him sleep well. He wasn't falling for that but he humored me and put it under. So about 10 minutes after I tucked him in, he came out and told me "see Mom. It's not working." Little stinker. I told him that for it to work you had to actually TRY to fall asleep. So I told him to go back in and close his eyes and lay still and it would work. So a couple minutes later I went in and he was sound asleep.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast and got ready for school and then had to take some 1st day of school pictures. "Why Mom?" "Oh, just because." So we went out and took a few pictures and then when we went in I told him I wanted to fix his hair. So then after his hair was fixed, of course he wanted to take some more pictures. He kept saying "are we in a hurry? Maybe just a little bit of a hurry?"

I'm a big baby. And anyone that knows me knows that I would have Brian and Bauer with me every second of every day if I could. So I hate that Bauer has to start school. I knew it was going to be hard for me (and especially when I'm already a mess because Brian has been out of town) so I wanted to drop Bauer off at the last possible second. I knew that the longer we stood there waiting, the harder it would be for me to fight back my tears. And I didn't want him to see me cry and feel bad about going. I wanted him to be excited and love it. So when we got to the school we stopped to take his picture by the marquis to kill a little more time and then headed over to his door. It was perfect because we got there just as the teacher was taking the class inside so I gave Bauer a kiss and sent him off. Our friends were there and I didn't want to cry in front of them so I held it in as long as I could. But then as soon as I got to the car I bawled. I had to keep myself busy while he was at school so I wouldn't start thinking about him and Brian being gone so I mowed the lawn and went shopping. And before I knew it, it was time to pick him up. He was so cute. He had a great day and loved school and his teacher. But he told me he couldn't remember anything he had done.

This whole school thing is going to be a big adjustment for all of us. It's hard for Bauer to have to go to bed early and honestly hard for us to be home in time for him to. I don't really know where we are all the time but it seems like we're never home at that time. It's going to be and adjustment to not be able to just take off for a vacation when we want to. It's going to be hard planning our vacations around school schedules. And it's gonna be hard for me to let go of my baby and let him grow up. But I'm very excited for Bauer. I know he will do well and really love school. And he will meet lots of new friends and be able to grow so much more than if he were to stay home with me for the rest of his life like I want him to.

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